Audience Design



Audience Graphic Design was founded in 1992 and since then have built up an excellent reputation with our clients of which we are very proud. We have a large and varied client base, ranging from start up businesses, small companies to large corporate businesses and Government Departments.

We work on a diverse variety of projects which cover areas such as re-branding, packaging, graphic design, digital, web, motion graphics, video, point of sale, advertising and promotional material.

Our company currently consists of a team of full time staff members, all of whom have recognised qualifications in the field of graphic design and each bringing their own strengths in a variety of mediums. Along with our permanent staff we also have strong relationships with a large pool of specialised contractors who we are able to call upon should we see a need to do so. This coupled with our efficient work methods and focus on time management enables us to turn over large volumes of work.

We have built a core network of key suppliers around us who deliver work of a high calibre and we are always confident that they will deliver the work within the specified timeframe and to the high standard we have come to expect of them.

My personal experience includes more than 30 years in the design and advertising industry. During this time I have worked for large reputable companies which, at the time, were market leaders in their field. Following this I joined Audience Design in 1994 as a Senior Designer and in 2005 I assumed the role of Managing Director. 

Audience Graphic Design provides a cost-effective service to our clients, and we believe our rates are very competitive, fair and transparent.


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